“Our aim, in obedience to the Lord’s command, is, by preaching of the Word and the exercising of the gifts of grace, to win souls for Christ and to strengthen the believers. It is also our purpose to join with other congregations of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren in the ventures of faith that God gives us in missions and in Christian Education.” – From the Peace Christian Constitution

To sum us up, we use three words:

Authenticity: What we have learned is that God loves to work in and with honest people. So regardless of your baggage from the past …your spiritual track record… your doubts and questions… you are welcome at Peace Christian! Bring your questions, your story, your challenges and your doubt…you’ll fit right in.

Relevance: We want everyone walking out of Peace each Sunday saying, “Wow, God spoke to me today and I never knew the Bible was so practical and so helpful for everyday life. Through the Christ-centered preaching and teaching ministry at Peace we are thrilled to see how lives are being changed, family relationships restored and marriages strengthened.

Passion: We believe ALL people matter to God! We believe to the core of our being that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, and that the unconditional love of Christ changes lives, communities and the world.

Our hope is that all who come through the doors of Peace Christian Church experience God and His gracious love toward us through Jesus Christ!

Please join us every Sunday at 10am; feel our welcome and the welcome of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Pastor Brian Edwards

Pastor Brian Edwards

Pastor at Peace Christian Church

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Church Services
Sunday Service -10 a.m.
Lead by Pastor Brian Edwards

Noah’s Park – Bible story /craft time for preschoolers and younger elementary age children led by a Christian preschool teacher.

Noah’s Park allows parents to be full present during service and gives the children an age appropriate environment for their first church teachings. Starting at approximately 10:30am during church service

All are welcome!