winter weather advisory


There are times when we will modify our status from Connetquot District. Our goal is to provide as much childcare coverage for our families as possible as long as it is safe for staff to travel and the building is accessible. We leave it up to each family to make their own decision if they are able to travel in inclement weather. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the main office (631-589-0651)

***Always check our web site first***

In the event we find it necessary to close school due to severe weather conditions, or have a delayed opening, please follow these steps for up-to-date information:

Peace Website:

Follow the link to News 12.

1. Channel 12 News: Online Only – click on school closings/delays

2. “Calling Post”: automated phone calling system (Be sure we have your best contact phone number for emergency calling)

3. Facebook page:


For our Early Closings: 
  • We would send out a “Calling Post”
  • We would post it on our website
  • We would announce on News 12 website

No Calling Post message from us means a regular school day regardless of Connetquot’s call